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About Me

Hossein Abedini was born in 13/November/1990 at Nezam Abad, Tehran. He is Iranian free style wrestler and also he is one of the best trainers in 8 region of Tehran. During his wrestling life, he succeeded to achieve some different honorific nicknames such as Tehran championship, Tehran deputy championship, third person in adult regional competitions and also he could achieve the second person in multilateral competitions of the country.He is currently training at Deyhim and Namjoo gym club in 8 region of Tehran. His height is 170 cm and his weight is 67 kg. Its considerable to notice that he helped a lot and trained wrestling to teenagers and children by some social medias like Instagram and Telegram. His biography: He has 3 brothers and one sister. All of his family are athletes. Two brothers were wrestler so they encouraged him to be a wrestler too. moreover, Hossein Abedini worked in other athletic fields such as Aikido, kick boxing, ping pong, Break dance and Kio shin.

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